Monday, February 2, 2009

Packages for Fedora Core 10 and Ubuntu Intrepid i386

Two new virtual machines came online: Fedora Core 10 and Ubuntu Intrepid (i386). I will build Firewall Builder packages on these machines from now on. Fedora Core 9 machine has been retired, so no more rpms for FC9.

Here is the latest set of OS and architectures I build binary packages for :

Ubuntu Hardy i386
Ubuntu Hardy amd64
Ubuntu Intrepid i386
Ubuntu Intrepid amd64
Fedora Core 10 i386
CentOS 5.2 i386


Lord Avalon said...

I'm trying to install this masterpiece in intepid i386.

A far I can see, there is no i386 version, only for AMD64.

Exist today a i386 version of fwbuilder 3 for i386 intrepid??

vkurland said...

Packages for Intrepid i386 and other platforms that I added recently are available as part of the nightly builds for the upcoming v3.0.4. Here is the url:

Lord Avalon said...

man, many thanks!!

work flawlessly.

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