Sunday, March 29, 2009

Firewall Builder v3.0.4 released

I am pleased to announce release of Firewall Builder v3.0.4. This is a significant bugfix release that includes several important improvements, as well as fixes for the bugs reported during the three month since v3.0.3 was released. All users are encouraged to upgrade to v3.0.4. Among other things, I would emphasize the following fixes and improvements:

  • Main menu item "File/Open recent" has been added.

  • Rule actions icons have been changed to make them recognizable for the red-green color blind users.

  • IPv6 addresses of firewall interfaces can now be discovered via SNMP. SNMP discovery also works on Windows.

  • Generation of static routing commands is now supported for Cisco IOS and PIX platforms.

  • CustomService object can now specify protocol and address family

  • Rule sets can be only ipv4, only ipv6 or combined. In the latter case the program intelligently chooses which objects from the rules it should use to generate firewall configuration and produces configs for both address families from the same rule set.

  • Built-in policy installer can work over IPv6

  • Built-in policy installer recognizes sudo password prompt. There is no need to configure password-less sudo rights for the firewall management account anymore.

Complete Release Notes v3.0.4

Monday, March 9, 2009

Using Built-in Revision Control in Firewall Builder

New HOWTO: Using Built-in Revision Control in Firewall Builder, published as part of the Firewall Builder CookBook. See the HOWTO here

UbuntuLinux Help published "Getting Started with Firewall Builder"

UbuntuLinuxHelp just published my HOWTO "Getting Started with Firewall Builder", here is direct link. Thanks!