Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Firewall Builder 3.0.5 released

This is a bug-fix release that improves program stability. This release is recommended for production use, everybody is encouraged to upgrade. We now offer deb and rpm repositories, the "stable" repositories now host packages v3.0.5-b1076. This page explains how to set up apt and yum to use our repositories.


stuba said...

Hi i just updated from commercial license 3.0 and now my license is expired? How to fix this problem?

vkurland said...

where did you install the license file ? Here is the instruction:

Please send email to if you still have the problem.

stuba said...

Uh missed that, cheers!

stuba said...

Actually I had to buy new license. I have cleaned up my HD and removed that licensefile from home directory.

I think that those files fwb_gui30.eval and fwb30.license are in a wrong place to start with, Library/ is for holding application data. There is just too much crap ending up to home folder, as tidy man I am I try to keep things my finder nice and clean.

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