Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Firewall Builder 4.0 status update

v4.0 beta is progressing really well. We had a few minor issues but at this time I am not tracking any major problems with it. Please find a time and give it a try, I would like to make sure we find and clear as many problems as possible before the release. That is what beta is for, after all. If things go like they did so far, I hope to make the release mid-April.

We are working on the documentation at this time. Article "Introduction to Firewall Builder 4.0" on the nixCraft blog was rather popular and I am following it with a second one which is going to be a detailed guide that describes building a firewall configuration for the cluster of two web serves (on-the-host firewall, that is). This guide is interesting in that it starts with Linux servers running iptables and heartbeat but then shows how to convert it to OpenBSD running PF and CARP. The second article should be published on nixCraft blog soon.

I am looking for more blogs and professional news sites that would do a review or accept guest posts that I can write. Please send pointers to me if you know of any popular site or blog like that. It would be great if you could do a review or write an article, too. I am offering free license for Firewall Builder 4.0 package for Windows or Mac OS X to those who can write and publish an article or review on their site (or anywhere, for that matter).

In fact, I have a few "specials" where I give a free license in exchange for certain things you could do, please take a look at the purchase page here:

Thank you


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