Monday, April 26, 2010

Support for OpenBSD 4.7

OpenBSD 4.7 (to be released May 19) changes the syntax of "nat" and "rdr" PF rules. These keywords are gone, corresponding translations are done using "nat-to" and "rdr-to" options in "pass" or "match" rules. Fwbuilder 4.0 adds support for this. The list of recognized versions for PF has been extended with "4.7", choosing this version number makes policy compiler generate nat and rdr rules using new syntax. Since the "no" keyword has been removed as well, fwbuilder can no longer generate "no nat" rules for 4.7. Policy compiler recognizes this as a fatal error, administrator should use negation to implement exceptions in NAT rule sets.


panelselsurya said...

Great, I am using OpenBSD pf as firewall. I will like to try it.

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