Thursday, October 28, 2010

Support Contracts for Linux & BSD Users

Today we announced the availability of support contracts for our Linux and BSD users! This is a great step forward for us as we continue to expand not just the features and functionality of the Firewall Builder application, but also expand the services provided by NetCitadel LLC which is the company that supports and develops Firewall Builder.

The new support services are offered as packages ranging from "Small Business" to "Ultimate". Each package includes a fixed number of support cases that can be opened during the 1 year support period. Our goal is to make sure there are solutions to fit a range of budgets and needs.

As part of this new support offer we are also offering support contract renewals for Windows and Mac users whose existing support contracts have expired. You can see the complete details about our support packages, along with a link to our online store for purchasing on our website:

We plan to continue adding to the list of services provided by NetCitadel based on user feedback and demand. Stay tuned for more information!