Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays and Year in Review

As we head in to the holiday season Vadim and I wanted to wish everyone in the Firewall Builder community Happy Holidays! The end of the year also provides a good opportunity to pause and reflect so we thought we would share some of our thoughts about 2010.

It has been a very exciting year for both NetCitadel and the Firewall Builder project. The fireworks started in May when Firewall Builder version 4.0 was released. This was a major release that brought critical new features such as support for high availability cluster configurations as well as continuing to improve the stability and usability of Firewall Builder.

That was followed in August with V4.1 which included features like support for iptables ipset and integrated SSH/SCP clients for Windows packages. Since then we have released a few patch releases and have been working on adding new features to Firewall Builder.

While a large percentage of the community has already upgraded to V4.x to our surprise we still run into users that are running versions as old as Firewall Builder V2.0! If you are running a version below V4.0 we hope that you upgrade in 2011!

In the fall we announced the availability of support contracts for open source users. This was part of our push to expand the products and services NetCitadel provides around the Firewall Builder project. We plan to offer more products and services in 2011, stay tuned for more information soon.

In addition to the product enhancements we have continued to work to improve in other areas as well. We have been adding more documentation and have updated our website to make it easier to find the information you are looking for and for new users to figure out what we do. We expect to do much more of that in the coming year.

Finally, we wanted to say thank you to our customers who have supported us this year by purchasing a commercial Firewall Builder license or open source support contract. Our goal is to provide the best firewall management solution available and we are confident you will see lots of exciting progress in 2011!

Mike & Vadim