Monday, April 11, 2011

Firewall Builder V4.2 Beta Release Now Available

We are happy to share that we are getting ready to officially release Firewall Builder V4.2 in the next couple of weeks. This release includes enhancements for all supported platforms with a particular emphasis on BSD PF and Cisco ASA & PIX firewalls.

Some of the exciting new features available in V4.2 include:
  • Import of Cisco ASA and PIX configurations. Now you can quickly and easily add existing Cisco firewalls to your Firewall Builder data file.
  • Support for Cisco ASA v8.3 configuration generation including support for the new nat() command syntax.
  • Bridge interfaces, static routes and rc.conf style configurations for BSD PF firewalls.
  • Enhanced import wizard for all platforms including object de-duplication and automatic platform and version detection.
You can find a detailed listing of new features on our website:

The latest V4.2 pre-release software, currently V4.2.0.3523, is available on website:

We have tested V4.2 extensively, but if you do discover an issue that you believe might be a bug please open a ticket on SourceForge in the V4 tickets:

SourceForge Tickets

If you have a chance to try Firewall Builder V4.2 please let us know what you think. Thanks for your support!